"We are one."

❝This coming November, we will finish our promotions in this country and will release the digital single ‘BTD’ in Japan, officially starting our promotions. We were originally going to go in October, but we want to promote more with ‘Be Mine’ so we set back our promotions. Before we go, I really want to get 1st placed on a music program.❞

Well you guys did it. After a year and 3 months of hard work, you guys finally got to #1 and honestly, words can’t express how proud I am of you 7. I woke up today to a tweet mention about you guys winning and today was probably the only day I woke up happy ‘cause I’m usually really grumpy in the morning lol. You guys totally deserve #1 and so much more. September 1st, 2011 will be a very memorable day for you and for Inspirits as well. Congratulations, Infinite, on your first win!! I love you guys so much and I’m so proud to call myself an Inspirit. ♡

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